Sustainable Energy Development Authority of Malaysia (SEDA Malaysia)

A statutory body (under the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water - KeTTHA) formed under the the Sustainable Energy Development Authority Act 2011 (Act 726).

The key roles of SEDA are to administer and manage the implementation of the feed-in tariff mechanism which is mandated under the Renewable Energy Act 2011 (Act 725); promote, stimulate and develop sustainable energy; implement, manage and review the feed-in tariff system.

The SEDA official website features Policies (FiT Guidelines; Rules & Regulations; Related Fiscal Incentives; National Renewable Energy Policy & Action Plan), Feed-in Tariff (FiT System in Malaysia; History of FiT in Malaysia; How to become a Feed-in Approval Holder; FiT Rates; RE Quota; Grid Parity & Displaced Cost; Eligible Renewable Resources), Statistics & Monitoring (Trends of RE Technology Cost; RE Installed Capacities, Generation & Capacity Map; CO2 Avoidance; FiAH Listing), Download (Guidelines; Forms), Trainings and RE Industry Director.
Notes:   Available in English version only.

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