Communications and Multimedia Content Forum of Malaysia (CMCF)

Also known as the Forum Kandungan Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia in Malay. Established in February 2001 as a society with representation from all relevant parties to govern content and address content related issues disseminated by way of electronic networked medium. CMCF was designated on March 29, 2001 by the MCMC. Aims at facilitating industry self-regulation, CMA 98 empowers the MCMC to designate an industry body to be responsible for the preparation of the Content Code (Guidelines which include model procedures for classifying and dealing with indecent or offensive content disseminated by way of networked medium), or codes as the need may arise. In the pipeline, a Complaints Bureau that will address grievances from consumer, as well as to deal with breaches of the Content Code by industry players. The CMCF official website features the Content Code (Download & Online), Content Advisory Centre, Complaints Bureau (Complaint Form, Making a Complaint) and Membership.

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