Rangsangan Ekonomi Malaysia (Malaysian Economic Stimulus)

Launched on April 9, 2009 and managed by the Treasury's Project Management Unit. The official portal of Rangsangan Ekonomi Malaysia is for the public to get information about the two economic stimulus packages and follow the implementation of the various initiatives formulated to address the economic issues stemming from the global meltdown. This is to ensure accountability and that the two economic stimulus packages reached the targeted groups such as workforce, consumers, investors, SME businesses, exporters, graduates and the unemployed. The website provides details of the disbursement and where the money is going for the first and second packages, as well as the project implementation. The portal also provides an avenue for public feedback and queries will be answered on a regular basis. The website will be updated weekly.
Notes:   The official website rangsanganekonomi.treasury.gov.my is no longer active. The current URL links to the Ministry of Finance, Economic Stimulus Package section.
Website:   www.treasury.gov.my/index.php?opt...

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