Persatuan Usahawan Muda Malaysia (PUMM)

Also known as the Malaysia Entrepreneurs' Development Association. A multiracial non-profit making organization established on 10th July 1993 to create a platform for entrepreneurs from SMIs and SMEs to share knowledge, experience and to create new business opportunities. The mission of PUMM is to provide new entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs guidance in business building; to assist entrepreneurs in developing viable projects and supporting their proposals for financial and non-financial support and assistance; to create business facilities and opportunities for entrepreneurs through business dialogues, gatherings, seminars, convention and biz trips, hands in hands with the media publicity; to develop reputable world class Malaysian entrepreneurs. The PUMM official website features corporate, events, membership, consultation (Panel, Q&A, Biz Forum & Opportunity, Entrepreneur Clinic), merchandizing (Biz Development Bureau, etc.) and strategic link.

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