Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF)

Also known as the Persekutuan Majikan-Majikan Malaysia in Malay. Established in 1959 as Federation of Malaya Industrial & Commercial Employers' Consultative Association but subsequently renamed Malayan Employers Consultative Association (MECA). In May 1962, the Malayan Council of Employers' Organisations (MCEO) was formed comprising constituent members of MECA, MAPA and MMEA. MCEO was dissolved on December 31, 1977 and MECA was transformed into Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF). It's the central organisation of private sector employers in Malaysia. MEF promotes and safeguards the rights and interests of employers. The MEF official site features membership, services, statistics (CPI, industrial court & Relations Dept, Labour Dept, Trade Union, OSH, SOCSO, key statistics) and FAQs (bonus, leave, contract, work hours, overtime, wages payment, retirement, maternity, rest days, public holidays, absent without leave, domestic inquiry, termination, regisnation ,EPF, SOCSO, hazards, laws).

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