Royalty and Head of State World Records

The Oldest Ruling House

Born 23 December 1933, Akhito, the Emperor of Japan is the 125th in line from the first Emperor, Jimmu Tenno, whose reign was traditionally from 660 - 581 BC - more probably from 40 BC - 10 BC.

The Youngest King

King Mswati III of Swaziland was crowned on 25 April 1986 aged 18 years 6 days. He was the 67th son of King Subhusa II and born on 19 April 1968.

The Longest All-Time Reign

Phiops II or Neferkare, sixth Dynasty Pharaho of ancient Egypt, reign began 2281 BC, when he was 6 years old and is believed to have lasted 94 years. The longest recorded reign of any monarch.

The First Female President

The world's first female president was Isabel Martinez de Peron or Isabel Peron of Argentina. She succeeded her husband Juan Peron on his death on 1 July 1974 and held office until deposed in a military coop on 24 March 1976.

The Shortest Reign

The crown Prince Luis Filipe of Portugal was technically King of Portugal (Dom Luis III) for about 20 minutes. He was mortally wounded at the same time that his father was killed by a bullet which severed his carotid artery in the streets of Lisbon on 1 February 1908.

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