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The Longest Membership Parliament

Jozsef Madarasz (1814 - 1945) was a full member of the Hungarian Parliament in 1848 - 1850 and from 1861 until his death on 31 January 1915. That's the longest span as a legislator.

The Longest UN Speech

President Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz of Cuba made the longest United Nations speech for 4 hours 39 minutes on 26 September 1960.

The Oldest Treaty

The oldest treaty in the world is the Anglo-Portuguese Treaty of Alliance, singed in London over 628 years ago on 16 Jun 1373.

The Oldest Constitution

United States of America's constitution is the world's oldest constitution. It's been ratified by the necessary Ninth State on 21 June 1788 and declared to be in effect on 4 March 1789.

The Earliest Legislative - Women's Suffrage

Territory of Wyoming, USA had the earliest legislative with female voters in 1869. That's followed by Isle of Man in 1881.

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