Legislatures World Records

The Earliest Parliament

Ukkim or the earliest known legislative assembly was a bicameral one in Erech, Iraq 2800 BC.

The Oldest Parliament

Althing of Iceland founded in AD 930 is the oldest legislative body. This body was abolished in 1800 but restored by Denmark to a consultative status in 1843 and a legislative status in 1874.

The Largest Parliament

National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China is the largest legislative assembly in the world.

The Smallest Quorum - Parliament

The House of Lords has the smallest quorum. It's expressed as a percentage of eligible voters, of any legislative body in the world, namely less than one-third of 1%.

The Highest Paid Legislators

Members of the US Congress are the most highly paid legislators in the world. Basic annual salary is US$169,300. Additionally, up to US$1,021,167 per annum is allowed for office help with a salary limit of US$50,000 for any one staff member. A senator is allowed up to US$143,000 per annum for an official office expense account. The President of the USA has a salary of US$400,000 taxable plus US$100,000 non-taxable travel account, US$19,000 for entertainment and a lifetime pension of US$183,500 per annum.

The Longest Membership Parliament

Jozsef Madarasz (1814 - 1945) was a full member of the Hungarian Parliament in 1848 - 1850 and from 1861 until his death on 31 January 1915. That's the longest span as a legislator.

The Longest UN Speech

President Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz of Cuba made the longest United Nations speech for 4 hours 39 minutes on 26 September 1960.

The Oldest Treaty

The oldest treaty in the world is the Anglo-Portuguese Treaty of Alliance, singed in London over 628 years ago on 16 Jun 1373.

The Oldest Constitution

United States of America's constitution is the world's oldest constitution. It's been ratified by the necessary Ninth State on 21 June 1788 and declared to be in effect on 4 March 1789.

The Earliest Legislative - Women's Suffrage

Territory of Wyoming, USA had the earliest legislative with female voters in 1869. That's followed by Isle of Man in 1881.

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