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The Largest Prison In Great Britain

Wandsworth of South London is the most capacious prison in Great Britain.

It has a certified normal accommodation of 1266.

However, Lancaster Prison has the highest prison walls in Great Britain measuring 11 - 15.85 meter.

The Most Secure Prison

There was no convict known to have lived to tell of a successful escape from prison of Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay, California, USA, after the prison became a maximum security federal prison in 1934.

Record shows that 23 men attempted to escape but 12 were recaptured, 1 drowned, 5 shot dead and 5 presumed drowned.

The prison was closed on 21 March 1963.

On 16 December 1962 before the prison was closed, one man reached the mainland alive. However, he was recaptured on the spot.

The Most Expensive Prison

With the cost of maintenance of 105 staff estimated at US$415,000 per annum in 1987, Spandau prison, Berlin was known as the most expensive prison.

Originally built in 1887 for 600 prisoners, it was used solely for the Nazi war criminal Ruddf Hess for the last 20 years of his life.

He left a note in old German before strangling himself to death with an electrical flex.

He was in isolated imprisonment for 40 years at Spandau.

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