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The Longest Tribunal Divorce

Gibbons v. Gibbons and Roman and Halperin was the longest trial of a divorce case in Britain.

Mr. Alfred George Boyd Gibbons was being granted a decree nisi against Dorothy, his wife for adultery with John Halperin of New York, USA on 19 March 1992 after 28 days.

The First Litigants In Person

In September 1980, Dr. Mark Feldman, a podiatric surgeon, of Lauderhill, Florida, USA became the first litigant in person to secure US$1 million before a jury in compensation and punitive damages in a case concerning conspiracy and fraud alleged against 6 other doctors.

The Highest Bail

On 8 February 1988, Judge J. Dominique Olcomendy of San Francisco Municipal Court, California, USA set a bail of US$5,000 million on a 25 year old Dorothy M. Toines for soliciting prostitution.

She repeatedly failed to appear in Court and was unable to pay 10% of the bail amount necessary for her release.

On 25 February 1988, a Superior Court judge reduced the bail figure to US$500, which is a more affordable figure.

However, she was re-arrested on 21 March 1988, and the Assistant District Attorney's comment was "see what happens when you reduce a US$5 billion bail."

That was the fifth arrest for Dorothy.

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