Judicial World Records

The Most Protracted Litigation

The longest contested law suit was a suit filed by ancestor Balasaheb Patloji Thorat of Maloji Thorat in 1205.

It was a suit for rights of presiding over public functions and precedence at religious festivals.

The law suit ended in Poona, India on 28 April 1966 and Balasaheb received a favourable judgement.

The Fastest Trial

On 25 January 1980, the UK High Court heard the case Duport Steel and Others v. Sirs and Others.

The appeal was heard on 26 January and on 1 February am in the House of Lords.

The decision was given pm that being the law's shortest delay occurred.

The Longest Trial

Kemner v. Monsanto Co., a case concerning an alleged toxic spill in Sturgeon, Illinois in 1979 was the longest jury trial.

The trial started on 6 February 1984 at St. Clair County Court House, Belleville, Illinois, USA before Circuit Judge Richard P. Goldenhersh.

It ended after 657 days and jury deliberation of two months on 26 August 1987.

The verdict was returned on 22 October and the plaintiffs secured sums of US$1 nominal compensatory damages and US$16,250,000 punitive damages.

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