Judicial World Records

The Longest Lease

In Ireland, leases lasting "for ever" are quite common.

A plot for sewage tank adjoining Columb Barracks, Mullingar, County Westmeath, Ireland has a lease for 10,000,000 years.

The lease was signed on 3 December 1868 and the future civil servant is expected to bring up the matter for review in AD10,001,868.

The Greatest Lien

40,000 million lire (monetary unit of Italy) was the greatest lien by Court upon Vittorio and Ida Riva in Milan on 9 April 1974 for back taxes allegedly due on a chain of cotton mills around Turin, Italy.

The Longest Inquiry

The longest and most expensive public inquiry cost the public fund £20 million and the eight-volume report comprising 3000 pages weighing 13.6 kilogram and cost £30.

It was an inquiry over the projected £1200 million Sizewell B nuclear power station, Suffolk under Sir Frank Layfield QC which began on 11 January 1983 and ended after 340 days of hearing on 7 March 1985 in the Snape Maltings, Aldeburgh.

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