Judicial World Records

The Youngest Judge

Collated records on the ages of judicial appointment do not exist.

In 1932, David Elmer Ward was nominated the Judge of the Country Court of Fort Myers, Florida, USA but he had to await the legal age of 21 before taking office.

Born on 1 January 1869, Sir Ernest Wild KC was the youngest certain age English Judge who was appointed Judge of the Norwich Guildhall Court of Record in 1897. He was only 28.

The Greatest Compensation For Wrongful Imprisonment

The greatest compensation in legal history for wrongful imprisonment was the US$1,000,000 settlement awarded to Isadore Zimmerman (1917 - 1983) of New York City, USA who had been sentenced to 24 years imprisonment for slaying a policeman.

However, he only took home some US$600,000 after deduction of legal fees and expenses or US$25,000 for each year in jail. 14 months later, he passed away.

The Greatest Alimony Suit

On 14 June 1983, Belgian-born Sheika Dena Al-Fassi, 23, was awarded US$81 million in an alimony suit against her former husband, Sheik Mohammed Al-Fassi, 28, a Saudi Arabian royal family in Loss Angeles, California, USA.

She filed in the alimony claim of US$3000 million in February 1982. In explaining the size of the settlement claim, Marvin Mitchelson alluded to Sheik's wealth, which include 14 homes in Florida and several private aircrafts.

The Longest Escape

Leonard T. Fristoe, 77 was the longest recorded escape.

He was sentenced to imprisonment for killing 2 sheriffs' deputies in 1920.

He escaped on 15 December 1923 from Nevada State Prison, USA but was turned in by his son on 15 November 1969 at Compton, California.

Under the name of Claude R. Willie, he had 46 years of freedom.

The Greatest Gaol Break

A retired US Army colonel, Arthur "Bull" Simons led a group of 14 to break into Gasre Prison, Tehran, Iran to rescue two fellows Americans.

That became history's largest ever gaol break, when some 11,000 other prisoners took advantages of this and the Islamic revolution.

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