Judicial World Records

The Shortest Will

"Vse zene" means "All to wife" in the Czech was the shortest valid will in the world. It was written and dated 19 January 1967 by Herr Karl Tausch of Langen, Hessen, West Germany.

In 1906, the will of Thorne V. Dickens was the shortest will contested. It was subsequently admitted to probate in English law. The will consisted of only three words "All for mother" whereby "mother" was his wife and not his mother.

The Smallest Will

A.B. William Skinner written the smallest will on an identity disk measuring 3.8 cm in diameter. The will had 40 words engraved on it with the signature of two witnesses and was preserved by the Record Keeper.

A.B. William Skinner was killed aboard HMS Indefatigable at Jutland in 1916 and the will was proven on 24 June 1922.

The Longest Will

The longest proven will was that of Mrs. Frederica Evelyn Stilwell Cook on 2 November 1925. The will had 95,940 words in four bound volumes.

The Most Durable Judge

Judge Albert R. Alexander (1859 - 1966) was the magistrate and probate judge of Clinton County until 9 July 1965 - his retirement at the age of 105 years 8 months. He was the oldest recorded active judge.

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