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Do You Think Nursery Rhymes Are Sensical?

Nursery rhymes are normally non-sensical but they are not.

When King Henry ordered the dissolution of monasteries, Jack Horner was a steward to the Abbot of Glastonbury.

The abbot made and attempt to escape trial by sending 12 property deeds to the King hidden in a large pie.

However, before delivering the pie, Jack Horner took the deed for Mells Manor out and his family still live there today.

The King rejected the bribe and the abbot was hanged.

Are There Guarantees?

In 1972, a Nigerian witch doctor was sentenced to death for shooting dead his prospective customer while demonstrating a bullet-proof charm.

Have You Ever Heard Of Engagement Before Born?

In Tiwi island in the pacific, female children are engaged before they are born. They are married to the adult of their parents' choice at birth.

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