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Do You Know That There Is No Death Penalty In Britain?

In Britain, capital punishment for crimes of murder has been abolished.

However, the penalty is death by hanging for two offences.

The first, which covers a number of exceptionally serious crimes, including conspiring to kill the king or queen, is treason.

Piracy with violence is the second, which is a section of the Piracy Act of 1837. That is an act, which has never been repealed.

When the law was changed in 1971, arson is a naval dockyard was also punishable by death.

Have You Ever Heard Of The Parliament Being Persuaded To Reinstate The Custom?

In England, the popularity of fish plummeted after the break with the Catholic Church allowed people to eat what they liked on Fridays.

The nation's fishermen with frantic lobbying persuaded the Parliament to reinstate the custom and to make failure to observe it punishable by law.

Where Was Stamp First Used?

Adhesive postage stamp was first used in Britain. A Penny Black bearing a portrait of Queen Victoria.

Rowland Hill initiated several postal reforms when it was issued in May 1840. The stamp was not perforated.

Invention of post boxes was called for in 1855 with the introduction of this stamp.

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