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Who Were The Suffragettes?

Women who had fought for the right of women to vote were called "suffragettes" because they belonged to the Women's Suffrage Movement. "Suffrage" means the right or privilege of voting.

It all started beginning the 19th century when a group of women fought for women's rights.

Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst, her daughter, Christabel, and friend Annie Kenney had to fight public opinion and parliament before women were given equal rights with men to vote on the country's affairs. They were even put to jail.

Because public opinion was better disposed towards women after their help with the war effort, the Representation of People Act in 1918 meant that some women got the vote.

However, it was until 1928 that every woman over 21 was able to vote.

Who was Hammurabi The Great?

Hammurabi was the 6th King of the first Babylonian dynasty and conquered all Mesopotamia.

Despite being a great builder, his code of laws was not surpassed until Roman times.

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