Do You Know Who Wrote The Smallest Will?

A.B. William Skinner written the smallest will on an identity disk 3.8 cm in diameter. The will had 40 words engraved on it including the signatures of two witnesses and was preserved by the Record Keeper. AB William Skinner was killed aboard HMS Indefatigable at Jutland in 1916 and the will was proven on 24 Jun 1922.

Do You Know Which Was The Largest Election?

The largest elections of any country were those beginning on 24 December 1984 for the Indian Lok Sabha with 542 elective seats. The government of Rajiv Gandhi was returned in polls where 379,000,000 electors were eligible to vote. There were 480,000 polling stations for 5301 candidates manned by 2.5 million staff.

Which Was The World's Shortest War?

The Shortest war was that between the United Kingdom and Zanzibar, from 9:02 am to 9:40 am on 27 August 1896, after only 38 minutes of bombardment. The United Kingdom ships of war under Rear-Admiral Harry Rawson (1843-1910) delivered a final statement to the self-appointed Sultan Said Khalid to evacuate his palace and surrender.

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