Total Power Guitar 1.09

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24.30 MB
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$19.95 USD
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Learning, Playing, Creating and Printing Music Software
Operating System:
Windows 95 Unix Windows 98 Linux Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
PC 133Mhz processor
Not available

Total Power Guitar Review

" Teach yourself guitar quickly and easily. Learn chords, scales, and soloing. "

Teach yourself guitar quickly and easily. Learn chords, scales, and soloing. Total Power Guitar has a unique style of teaching. You play music in the very first lesson, then learn to play chords, scales, songs. You also solo and write music.

Thousands of people have used TPG to teach themselves how to play guitar. TPG has you 30 lessons, built-in metronome and tuning, play-along tracks, and all diagrams are printable.

Try TPG (unlimited) 3 times for FREE! You also learn how to create music instantly, on the spot. You are shown how to solo effortlessly, for as long as you want. You will see how to create whatever mood you want when you play. TPG shows you how to understand any type of music you want to rock, country, jazz, blues, folk or any other.

With TPG, you learn how to learn. You will understand TAB, rhythm, and melody. And when you are finished, you will know how to continue on in any direction you choose, including writing and composing your own music.

No music reading required. You learn these other things as well:
- How to relax when you play
- How to make music effortlessly
- How to take care of your hands and make them stronger
- How to learn any song quickly and easily
- How to not defeat yourself before you begin
- How to make playing guitar one of the most fun things you will ever do.
- How to replace a difficult chord with an easier one, but still make it sound "right"
- How to eliminate "mistakes"
- How to protect your fingers from injury on the guitar
- How to combine scales and chords to make music
- How to solo (improvise)
- How to compose and create your own music
- Diagrams which can be clearly read by right or left handed people
- How to change your strings
- How to read tablature
- Why notes sound good together
- Why notes sound bad together
- What a key is
- How to play in any key

Download and explore Total Power Guitar now! You will be making music before you know it!


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