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Software Specifications

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1.08 MB
License [?]:
$13.95 USD
Last Updated:
TV Tuners and Video Capture Software
Chama Digital Media
Operating System:
Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows Vista
Additional Requirements:
Windows Media Player 9 or above
10-minute playback; Favorites and channel update features are not available.

Internet Satellite TV Player Review

" Internet Satellite TV Player will allow you to watch more than 1300 TV channels. "

Internet Satellite TV Player will allow you to watch more than 1300 TV channels worldwide, FREE, wherever you are, only having a PC with Internet access. You don't need to buy any PCI card, computer device, satellite dish, nor pay for a subscription or monthly fees.

You will be able to watch movies, series, sports, documentaries, music, cartoons, religious channels, live cameras from all over the world, etc.

A lot of people sell applications to watch satellite television through Internet, offering standard programs with over 3000 channels at less than 10 dollars, but actually only 10% of those channels work properly because the list of channels is never updated.

Internet Satellite TV Player is the only software of its kind with a BANDWITH SELECTOR, which will avoid gaps during playback.

I am both distributor and developer of Internet Satellite TV Player; therefore, you will get free software updates, free updates of the list of channels (about 25 new channels every week) and 24/7 Technical Support.


* TV Channels from more than 110 countries
* More than 1300 channels
* Instant download
* Bandwidth Selector (Avoid gaps during playback)
* No ads or spyware
* 25 new channels every week for free
* Free software updates forever
* Free customer support 24/7
* Full screen play
* Favorites folder to save your preferred channels
* TV in all languages (Spanish, English, French, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc.)
* Works anywhere in the world
* Works on any computer with Internet access
* No satellite dish needed
* No PCI card or equipment needed
* Order it, download now, and watch TV in only 5 minutes


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