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Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows Server 2008 Windows 8 Windows Server 2012 Windows 10
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Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex
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VideoCacheView Review

" A small utility to retrieve and view stored video files from your web browser cache. "

VideoCacheView is a tiny utility that allows you to retrieve, view and save video files stored in your web browser's cache. You can watch or play the saved video files in the future.

A video cache is a temporary local video storage on your computer as a result of video played by your web browser's video player to increase performance.

VideoCacheView automatically scans all your web browsers' cache, locates all video files it finds and displays them in a list. It works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Yandex and Opera.

This utility now supports automatic detection of split video files and merge the chunk of split files into a single record.

You can also change the settings to show or list non-cached files, audio files, .SWF files and image files as well. .SWF files are not shown by default as a cache may contains many .SWF files where most of them are advertisements).

You then have the options to:
  • copy any of the files to your selected folder;
  • play a selected file directly from the cache using your preferred video player;
  • delete selected cache files;
  • open download URL in your web browser;


In Windows 7, you need to run VideoCacheView as administrator if User Account Control (UAC) is turned on.

If you are using Internet Explorer 10 or 11, you have to:
  1. Click 'Options' menu
  2. Select 'Advanced Options'
  3. In the 'Load video files...' section, tick the 'Internet Explorer 10/11 Cache' option
  4. Click 'OK' button to save the configuration

No installation or additional DLL files are required to run VideoCacheView. Simply click on the executable file to start the program.



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