Read-e PLUS 1.0.133


Software Specifications

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6.35 MB
License [?]:
$10.00 USD
Last Updated:
Voice Recognition and Text-To-Speech Software
Artificial Relevance
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Internet Explorer
Nag screen after trial period

Read-e PLUS Review

" A talking, spell-checking web browser, and more. "

This is one of those applications you really need to see in action. Maybe you have a lot of Web reading to do. Maybe you or someone you know has difficulty reading. Maybe you just want to experience a richer form of browsing the Web. If so you'll want to try Read-e. Key features include:

1) Will read aloud the vast majority of web pages and page elements
2) Choose your reader's voice from 11 languages as well as either sex (male/female)
3) Unique multi-sensory user interface
4) Quick word look-up, which is also read aloud in the same way
5) Pop-up and child browser suppression for a less distracting web reading experience
6) Free upgrades with auto notification
7) Reads clipboard content allowing the same reading functionality throughout Windows (e.g. read allowed the contents of a word processor, like MS Word).
8) Spell checks text typed in web pages!


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