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24.30 MB
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Not available
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Virus Protection Software
AVAST Software a.s.
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Android 4.0.3
Not available

Avast Mobile Security Review

" Protect your Android device with a full-featured, top-rated antivirus and anti-theft security app. "

Secure your Android phone or tablet from viruses, malware, privacy leaks and malicious apps.

Protect your privacy from hackers, thieves and new threats.


Locate and recover your lost or stolen mobile device with remote options. It also allows you to track your device by showing you where it disappeared to and lock or erase private data. This app is hidden and invisible to potential thieves.

WiFi Check

Connect safely by running a scan of network that your device is connected to. This protects your payments, chats and photos, anywhere you go.

Smart Scan

Keep your device free of malware and viruses while you surf the web. It scans all installed applications and memory card data. You'll be notified of security risks if you make changes to your Android settings. Virus definitions are updated automatically.


This app shows you the percentage of used storage space on your device. You have the option of removing junk files like thumbnails and caches to free up extra space.

App Locking

Protect your device apps with a PIN so nobody else can access them. Simply create a PIN and select the apps you want to secure.

Call Blocker

Filter calls based on blacklisted numbers. Blocked call is automatically redirected to voice mail and appears in log.


This apps works only if your phone is rooted, allowing you to manage internet access for installed apps.



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