Keynesis Portable Sweeper 2.0


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Uninstallers and Disk Cleaners Software
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Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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Keynesis Portable Sweeper Review

" Portable privacy protection software. "

The Keynesis Portable Sweeper is essentially portable privacy protection software. It makes sure that when you use a computer that is not yours, you will not leave personal or private information behind.

Opening a Word document creates temporary copies on the computer's temp folder, Internet Explorer keeps a list of sites you visited, along with cookies that were downloaded holding your personal information, data that you downloaded is kept in temporary folders and more.

This is why we designed and developed Keynesis Portable Sweeper. Keynesis Portable Sweeper is the world's first portable protection software that you can take with you on your portable drive (e.g. USB drives, portable hard drives etc.). It is your peace of mind that no trace of your personal data is left behind. Just start Keynesis Portable Sweeper directly from your portable drive, press "GO!" and all personal data is erased from the hosting computer. No installation is required on the computer, no special configuration - just one click and you are all set to go.

But Keynesis Portable Sweeper is a lot more than that. Sure, when you visit a computer which is not yours you like everything to be cleaned, but what about your own computers? When we designed Keynesis Portable Sweeper we thought about that and included the option to perform selective cleaning as well. Using profiles, you can create a cleaning profile for you home computer and a different one for your office computer. It is that simple!


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