HPS WinTail 1.5


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Text File Tools Software
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Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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HPS WinTail Review

" The ultimate Windows port of the Unix tail utility. "

HPS WinTail is the ultimate Windows port of the Unix tail utility. Just like the Unix tail, HPS WinTail continually displays new lines as they are appended to a text file - for example, a log file or a trace output file. We have added highlighting filters that allow you to immediately pick out lines that contain specific keywords - even when the lines are very long, as with many server and web logs.

HPS WinTail can handle very large files, and offers search and bookmark features to allow you to easily navigate the file. In addition to highlighting filters, HPS WinTail also has include/exclude filters. To focus only on the lines that contain certain keywords, you may set up include filters, to include only those lines containing specific text. In addition, you may also set up exclude filters, to eliminate lines containing only "boilerplate" or repetitive text that is of no interest. These and other features combine to make HPS WinTail a truly useful utility for developers and sysadmins.

Key Features:
* Highlight filters - specify filter to highlight lines containing certain text
* Include Filters - specify filter to only include lines containing certain text
* Exclude Filters - specify filter to exclude lines containing certain text
* Refresh Rate - set the rate to look for updates to the text file, from 1 second to 24 hours
* Buffer Size - set no limit, or the maximum number of lines you want to keep in the display buffer
* Enable/disable tailing - when enabled, automatically keeps the last line in view. You may disable tailing to scroll through the output.
* Text search - search the output for any string
* Bookmarks - set a bookmark at any line you want to return to
* Font - set font for the edit window.


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