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Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows Server 2003
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txt2pdf Review

" A very flexible and powerful converter from text files to PDFs. "

txt2pdf is a very flexible and powerful program. It's a converter from text files to PDF format files. You can use txt2pdf like a pipe to convert every text or textual output speedly to PDF (e.g. reports from legacy applications, DBs, ERP applications, datawarehouse). You can use txt2pdf like a module inside your applications (cgis, extractors, ...) to convert on the fly every text to PDF.

Why do you need txt2pdf? Most of your documents are text files. Usually, your reports from legacy applications, DBs, ERP applications, datawarehouse are textual txt2pdf is a PERL5 tool, so you can use it in every OS supported by PERL5 (View the list of OS tested). We distribute also a few executable versions (the windows version has inside a VB GUI: Visual txt2pdf).

txt2pdf is a native converter, you don't need to pass through PostScript format. txt2pdf is specific for text to PDF conversion, so you can mark coloured (using PERL regular expression) phrases in the produced PDF files. You can mark bold, italic, bolditalic phrases in the produced PDF files. You can add page number in every page. You can add text at the beginning and at the end of every file. You can add a border to every page. Every word like http://... ftp://... mailto:... https://... file:... ldap:... news:... will become an URL. You can create a link to a specific page within a PDF document http://...pdfdocument#pdfmark. Every word like mime:... will become a link that launch the correct application and will open the file. You can use background and foreground layers. Every predefined encodings (WinAnsiEncoding, MacRomanEncoding, MacExpertEncoding), supported by the PDF format, is supported and the Unix default are supported by txt2pdf. txt2pdf supports STDIN and STDOUT. Support for Japanese fonts and paper formats. EPD 1.0 support. You can use EPD inside background layer.


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