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$16.00 USD
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Text File Tools Software
Operating System:
Windows 98 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Pentium I, 16MB RAM, 4MB HDD free space
File size less than 18KB or process limited in 1 files.

RQ MSWord Search-Replace Review

" Batch search and replace text in Microsoft Word documents. "

RQ MSWord Search-Replace is used to search and replace multiple text fragments in many MS Word documents by one-click .

Main features:
You can use RQ MSWord Search-Replace to mass edit documents - replace text, replace ms word format text, change font color and\or font size. Visual presentation of formatted text to the replacement make it easy! Search and replacing text patterns stored in two editor windows - for search pattern and replace patterns separately. In the Replace editor window you can add formatted text - set font color, size, charset etc. font properties.
It can be very useful for translating of MS Word documents to other languages. For example you can set search text in West European code page and set replace text in Greek,Turkish or Eastern European, etc languages directly.

RQ MSWord Search-Replace use advantages of MS Word to search and replace operations. You can edit documents using such MS Word options as Pattern matching (Wildcards), Match Case, Whole Words only. In additional you can change (or not) format of found text, or highlight this text only. Of course MS Word should be installed on your PC.

To prevent locking documents, opened by running MS Word application, RQ MSWord Search-Replace check running MS Word processes, so you can save your data and close document before batch replacing.

Also RQ MSWord Search-Replace provides creating and restoring backup copies of edited files.
If you need to repeat find and replace operations in future, you can save settings of current session into configurations files (projects) - search and replace text, current folder, other options.


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