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Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME
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Text Imp Review

" Unix to Windows textfile converter. "

Text Imp is a utility to convert textfiles from Windows to Unix format by changing new line characters. It is possible to integrate the program in the Windows Explorer context menu for quick access.

Most files on the web, no matter whether HTML source, plain text or other ASCII text based filetypes are stored in Unix text format. Compared to the Windows text format, it has only different new line characters. This causes an invalid display in some Windows text editors, such as Notepad. To correct this, you can use Text Imp to easily convert Unix text files to Windows format.

Of course it works the other way round, too. This might be necessary or at least sensible if you want to upload files created on your Windows PC on an Unix server (especially CGI scripts, for example). And it saves upload time and webspace, too, though Unix files are in average at least 3% smaller than Windows files.


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