Multi Desktop 2003 for Windows 1.5.4


Software Specifications

Multi Desktop 2003 for Windows Screenshot
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1000 KB
License [?]:
$24.95 USD
Last Updated:
Virtual Desktops Software
Gamers Tower Inc
Operating System:
Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
PC capable of running MS Win NT4.0 or better
Two hotkeys per desktop, on-screen messenging.

Multi Desktop 2003 for Windows Review

" Create multiple desktops, each with individual icons, display resolution and password protection. "

By changing display resolutions instantly, web developers, graphic designers, and artists can view their creations under any combination of resolution, colour depth, and refresh rate. MD 2003 features advanced password protection for each desktop, two hotkeys per desktop, on-screen messaging, and extremely fast switching time. Each desktop can be disabled and enabled on the fly. Intuitive configuration options are easy for novice users, while very powerful for experienced users. Common tasks can be assigned to each desktop. Multi Desktop also comes with five pre-configured desktops for business applications, emailing, web-surfing and other tasks.


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