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$19.95 USD
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Virtual Desktops Software
LightThoughts Software
Operating System:
Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Not available

AnotherDesk Review

" An easy to use tool that can create multiple desktops. "

AnotherDesk is an easy to use tool that can create multiple desktops. It can raise your efficiency when you are working in double harness. In order to focus on one thing, you can switch to a special desktop rather than look for a certain program on a crowded desktop. For example, you can open all WorkGroup-related programs on the first desktop, all of the documents of one special project on the second desktop, all internet-related programs on the third desktop, and so on. It is very easy to switch desktops through hotkey or tray icon.

Key Features:

- Support up to 8 desktops. AnotherDesk can create max 8 desktops. It is enough to most users.
- Easy to create new desktop and switch desktop. It is very easy to create new desktop and switch desktop.
- You can define the hotkeys. AnotherDesk support fully customizable hotkeys. You can define any hotkeys for special function.
- Group open when Windows start. You can named any special desktop, and define a group of programs which will be opened in this desktop when Windows started.


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