ShutDown NOW! 4.6


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$24.95 USD
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Startup and Shutdown Managers Software
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Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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ShutDown NOW! Review

" Shut down Win95 to XP comfortably, professionally and securely. "

ShutDown NOW! (short: SHDN!) is a well known shutdown utility since 1997, which works good with the old MS-Windows 95, 98, ME and NT4, - and also is for sure perfectly working together with modern Microsoft operating systems, like MS-Windows 2000 and XP.

- SHDN! can shut down your computer comfortable, professional and securely, supporting all capabilities provided by the installed operating system, and additionally offers a big variety of tricky features, you never will find elsewhere.

- SHDN! has built-in more than 5 different timer/countdown features for up to 1,000 planed events, provides password security with many options for to secure SHDN! itself, as well as the access to some Windows features, like REGEDIT, Window's built-in shutdown, TaskManager, etc. ... SHDN! further can eject, load and watch all kinds of removable devices, if a medium is insert, or not, and ejecting and retracting only insert ones, multithreaded, prior to system shutdown, or anytime while working with Windows, by using the keyboard.

- Also a keyboard- or pre-shutdown supported feature of this software is it, to empty pre-defined directories, either normally or securely.

- For sure, SHDN! can also start applications, can bypass user-loged on message (MS-Windows ME), has an auto-logon feature, can alert the user before shutdown, has a great variety of commandline-options, incl. a simple remote shutdown function, can initialize sleeping HDs before shutdown, has a "PlayGround" window, which can be hidden behind the borders of the screen, like a tool-bar, and which contains shortcut-buttons to all shutdown options, the "Timer-Event List" and an overview of important settings, has a built-in loging-feature, for to log all MS-Windows starts and shutdowns, and so on ...

Not a least SHDN! is also supported by "Motherboard Monitor", a great Freeware tool, by Alex van Kaam, which monitors heat, fan speed, and voltage and automatically turns off your PC in case of emergency.


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