Amazing Desktop 1.1


Software Specifications

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2.59 MB
License [?]:
$19.99 USD
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Shell and Desktop Utilities Software
SoftApproach Corp.
Operating System:
Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
8MB RAM, 5MB Hard Disk
Not available

Amazing Desktop Review

" Use tabs and panels to manage applications and surf the Web. "

Use Tabs & Panels to Organize Running Applications and Surf the Web. Amazing Desktop lets you use tabs and panels to manage running applications on your Desktop and surf the web. It works like your spreadsheet: Each application is attached to a tab; you click a tab to show the application, or move the tab to put related applications together. The panels let you easily compare and copy information between 2 applications.

Amazing Desktop is in fact a tightly integrated set of 40 efficiency tools that you can use for everything you do with your computer, everyday:

1. It enhances your surfing experiences with
a) Tabbed browsers;
b) The unique EasySurf technology to quickly open Web pages and drastically reduce the stress on your body;
c) An integrated news/blog feed reader/aggregator that automatically detects a feed and shows it as a Web page;
d) An effective Popup Blocker;
e) The ability to build your own Web gateway on your computer.

2. It lets you work with your Zip files the same as regular files and folders without extracting them, such as to view the folder structure, browse pictures as thumb nails, search for, add and edit.

3. It lets you search for files on a separate tab and keep the folder untouched. It offers a work-around for a Windows XP bug and lets you match keywords for any types of file.

4. You can use an Address Book to keep contact information or a To Do List for important activities. You can have tabs automatically displayed and refreshed periodically. You can view date, time, and battery status on the window title, keep an application on top of others, turn off you computer when its no longer in use, and do a lot, lot more.

Amazing Desktop is very intuitive and easy to use. It has popup tips, on spot descriptions, online help, and step-by-step tutorials. Try Amazing Desktop today and see how easy it is now to use your computer and how clean your Desktop will be.


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