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$19.98 USD
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Shell and Desktop Utilities Software
Intrepix LLC
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
30 days trial.

UIFriend Review

" Quick resolution changing, desktop and screen saver enhancements and more. "

UIFriend is a user interface enhancement program for Windows designed to make your computing experience easier, more productive and fun.

Quick Resolution Changing Taken to the Next Level:
One-click, fully customizable, access to your favorite display modes is available from the UIFriend popup menu allowing you to change the screen resolution, color depth and refresh rate with ease. Multiple displays are supported allowing independent configuration and access.

Never Worry About Your Desktop Icon Layout Again:
UIFriend works diligently behind the scenes saving copies of your icon layout that it can restore automatically as needed or when you manually request. A set of layouts is saved for each resolution for maximum flexibility.

A Better Looking Desktop:
If you've got beautiful wallpaper on your desktop with unsightly blocks of solid color surrounding the text of your icons, UIFriend will turn those blocks of color transparent allowing the beauty of your wallpaper to shine through. This feature even works with the Active Desktop.

If the Active Desktop is on, UIFriend will double buffer it allowing you to enjoy it like never before--nearly flicker free. In fact, on fast systems, with UIFriend the Active Desktop may actually be smoother than the standard desktop.

Personal Display Settings:
Users sharing a computer that prefer different display resolutions may have a problem that UIFriend can solve. UIFriend can remember and restore your display settings when you log on.

Screen Saver Enhancements:
Increase the power of the screen saving feature of your computer with the ability to start the screen saver whenever you want, mute the sound while the screen saver is running, ensure that the computer is password protected before you leave it unattended, automatically resume the screen saver on NT-based systems when a password isn't entered and link monitor power saving to screen saver operation.


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