SmartWin Professional 2.0


Software Specifications

SmartWin Professional Screenshot
Editor Rating
9.97 MB
License [?]:
$35.00 USD
Last Updated:
Shell and Desktop Utilities Software
Operating System:
Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
3000 successful commands.

SmartWin Professional Review

" Get quick access to your Windows resources. "

Don't work for your computer anymore. Combine your intelligence with it and discover the real natural way to operate it. This software will ease up and speed up your life. Forget drawbacks, use SmartWin. It runs on Windows NT, 2K and XP and it is so easy to use you will find it hard to believe how this software can completely change your life for better, at least when it comes to computing. Just to give an example: you can drop a playlist on the bottom of your desktop, drop it on the window which will appear, call it 'Beatles' on the wizard and by this name is one of the ways you can ask your computer to play your Beatles' songs from then on.


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