Right click commander 2000 1.0.3


Software Specifications

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License [?]:
$24.50 USD
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Shell and Desktop Utilities Software
Rocata Software
Operating System:
Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
MS Internet Explorer = v4.0
Not available

Right click commander 2000 Review

" Original shell extension to change folder, open, copy and move files. "

All users who want to save their time and make computer work more comfortable will find the Right Click Commander program (RCC) very useful as a convenient enhancement of Windows Explorer. This newcomer from the Linux world is organically and logically developing a fine idea of KDE authors, it is a simple and powerful means of managing files and directories. Using Explorer window and multi-level menu, in which files and directories are represented as items and sub-items, RCC breaks the settled stereotype of how a typical file manager should look. Thanks to abandonment of notorious two panels of "Norton commander" and its clones, the core essence of RCC is revealed - the way in which a user performs in it usual file operations. Change of a current folder (or opening of a new one) now can be achieved by just single click of the mouse, moreover, this opportunity exists in the windows "Open" and "Save As' of any application! Using customizable file filters one can similarly open a file or launch a program. Those who often send files by e-mail will undoubtedly appreciate the ability of RCC to send highlighted files to any addressee from Windows Address Book.

Can you imagine a file manager that doesn't perform "Copy" and "Move" operations? This functionality is maintained in the house style of RCC and is intuitively understandable for even inexperienced users.

As one of the pleasant and useful bonuses, which are usually offered as separate products, RCC provides access to the list of last directories in use and a set of user-editable "Favorites". Thanks to the integration with "Explorer" RCC doesn't overload "Tray" area with its icons and doesn't register itself in "Start Up", which is also essential.


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