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Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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Quick Access Folders & Files Review

" Desktop enhancement and file dialog utility will help you quick access resource. "

Quick Access Folders & Files is an efficient desktop enhancement tool and a powerful explorer assistant. It could greatly increase the speed when users open or access folders/files/web sites (single or in batch) or execute programs. Moreover, it could also do this automatically when system is startuping, or hotkey executions, etc.

You can add all your commonly used groups/folders/files/web sites into Quick Access Folders & Files. Once you've added them, You will access them easily. Users can left-click or right-click on the question mark [?] button of all Open and Save dialog boxes to display the folders and files as a pop-up menu. Select the appropriate menu item to jump to the corresponding path or open the selected file in the File Dialog.

In explorer, all files and folders are listed by the physical locations at which they are placed. However in Quick Access Folders & Files, you could place folder/file anywhere without increasing extra storage space. (all objects in it are stored through links). A folder/file could be placed in more than one group, while Quick Access Folders & Files provide multiple ways to access objects. Users could choose to:
1) access folders/files/filters by popup menus in all Open and Save dialog boxes
2) access files/folders/web sites or run programs by clicking the "Quick Access Folders & Files" icon in system tray (popup favorites menu)
3) access objects (groups/folders/files/web sites) or execute programs by pre-set hotkeys. If the object is "group", all items in the group will be opened or executed.

Quick Access Folders & Files is able to do four things:
1. make it easy to access the folders and files in all Open and Save dialog boxes.
2. Filter the files in all Open and Save dialog boxes.
3. make it easy to open folders / files / web sites (single or in batch) or execute programs in any applications.
4. Hotkey to open folders / files / web sites (single or in batch) or execute programs in any applications.


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