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Windows CE
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Microsoft Windows Mobile Smartphone 2002
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Orneta Task Manager for Smartphone 2002 Review

" Smartphone system tool to manage running tasks. "

Orneta Task Manager is a system tool that enables management of the running applications on Windows Mobile based Smartphone's. Windows Mobile Smartphone doesn't come with a way to manage running tasks, instead they are managed by the system. Now it's easy to see which applications are running on your Smartphone.

Orneta Task Manager gives you the control over applications. Stop unused applications to free up memory and the processor, or switch the application you want to the front. Orneta Task Manager is not application signed, and will not run on a application locked Smartphone, like the Orange SPV phones. To install the program connect your phone with PC with ActiveSync and copy the EXE file to "/IPSM/Windows/Start Menu/Accessories" directory. PC setup program will be available later.


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