GOFLOW Lite 3.4


Software Specifications

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2.06 MB
License [?]:
$48.00 USD
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System Software
In The Garden Software
Operating System:
Windows 2000 Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Microsof .net framework
Not available

GOFLOW Lite Review

" Allows anyone to automate - from simple tasks on your PC, to a whole business workflow - just by drawing diagrams. "

Automate tasks on your PC - just by drawing diagrams. GOFLOW Lite is a low cost entry to the GOFLOW automation system.

Automate those boring computer tasks you do every day. Turn your jumble of applications into a seamless, integrated system. Visualise your workflow in simple diagrams. Watch that workflow come alive with real time monitoring.

GOFLOW comes with a toolkit, which allows you to automate all sorts of tasks. Here are a few examples:

- Monitor folders for files, and act on the contents.
- Route files depending on format - e.g. process TIFF and PDF files in different ways.
- Automatically email artwork to customers.
- Monitor Hard Drive Space and send an email when it's getting full.
- Check your web sites are running
- Pull information from the web.
- Rename and backup files.

If the basic toolkit doesn't offer enough tools, don't worry. GOFLOW is designed to be extensible. You can buy extra tool packs, have custom tools made, or even develop them in-house.


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