Paragon NTFS for Linux 2.0


Software Specifications

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License [?]:
$69.95 USD
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System Software
Paragon Technologie GMBH
Operating System:
Unix Linux
Additional Requirements:
Linux kernel 2.4.X
The demo version mounts NTFS partitions in read-only mode

Paragon NTFS for Linux Review

" Gain full access to NTFS partitions under Linux. "

Paragon NTFS for Linux is a unique product designed to mount NTFS partitions under Linux operating systems as normal logical drives with appropriate drive letter. The full version mounts NTFS partitions for read and write operations; the demo version mounts NTFS partitions in read-only mode. the driver supports NTFS 1.2, NTFS 3.0 and NTFS 3.1. Free Read-only version is distributed as a driver module or bootable CD image. Mounted NTFS partitions are accepted as "native" - browse, create/delete folder or file, run applications and other usual functions are totally available.


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