HWAccess 1.10

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3.64 MB
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$35.00 USD
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System Software
Asymmetric Software
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
IA32 PC Architecture only, 64MB RAM, 128MB hard disk space, 800x600 256 color resolution
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HWAccess Review

" Low-level hardware configuration and validation tool, which allows modifications of the installed PC silicon or other external components. "

HWAccess includes the following:
  • ACPI: Shows info for the ACPI tables and performs AML source level decoding. Includes watch capability of ACPI objects.
  • ASM: Disassembles physical memory, files and processes. Supports 16/32bit x86 processors.
  • System: Shows legacy information BDA, XBDA, PIC, IOAPIC, as well as part of the BIOS ROM. In addition it allows storing the BIOS ROM to a file.
  • CMOS: Shows the contents of the legacy CMOS bank at ports 0x70-0x71. Includes watch capability on any CMOS register. Probe period range 1-9999 mSecs. Max 128 watches.
  • CPU: Shows info of the installed processor, processor cache and Model Specific Registers (MSRS) for IA32 processors. Allows CPU configuration provides MSR edit capability. Includes watch capability on CPU MSRs. Probe period range 1-9999 mSecs. Can perform CPU tests for each processor/thread supporting generic, floating, SSE, SSE2 and memory instructions.
  • IDE: Shows info of the Legacy IDE Drives at ports 0x1F0-0x1F7, 0x170-0x177, 0x168-16F, 0x1E8-0x1EF
  • I/O: Provides Custom I/O config accessing any port combination using a script state machine. Supports 16bit (0x0000-0xFFFF) I/O range, Port R/W, Event check, Latency timers, Data Mask, supports different Data Types and optional Loop command and step capability. Can load/store scripts. Includes watch capability on any I/O port with different data types. Includes timing response check on any I/O port in nSecs.
  • Memory: Provides Custom memory config accessing any memory location in the 0-4GB range and memory mapped I/O. Same as I/O DLL. Includes timing check of selected memory locations in pSecs.
  • Multiprocessor: Displays information of the MP table. Supports MP v1.1 and v1.4.
  • PCI: Shows info of the installed PCI devices and device topology. Supports PCI 2.3 and P2P 1.1 specs, Legacy Option ROM information, PCI Error Control/Report, Error Check for PCI floating bus, Parity & System errors, PCI Scan and Test Log. Includes watch capability for each PCI register. Probe period range 1-9999 mSecs.
  • SMBIOS: Shows info of the SMBIOS table, supports specs 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 2.3.4. Allows check for specific spec rev, tests for SMBIOS structure compatibility.


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