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23.43 MB
License [?]:
$95.00 USD
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Software for Persons with Disabilities Software
Aurora Systems, Inc.
Operating System:
Windows 2000 Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
400MHz Pentium, 64MB RAM, 50MB disk, 800x600 display, Sound card
Fully featured 30 days trial.

Aurora Suite Review

" Helps learning disabled or dyslexic people with reading, writing and spelling. "

Affordable, Effective Help for Learning and Physical Disabilities. If you are a person with a learning disability or if you have trouble typing or can't speak, Aurora Systems has an affordable, effective new solution for you. Aurora Suite 2005 for Windows helps people with learning disabilities write and spell better.

It includes a talking spellchecker that is designed to help even the most creative spellers. It can automatically correct many common spelling mistakes and makes it easy to automatically correct yours. It provides spoken feedback so you can hear when you make mistakes, and it can even read email and web pages to you right off the screen, highlighting each word as it is read.

If you have trouble picking the right word, Aurora can help you with definitions and usage examples. The best part is that it works right in the applications you use now, so you don't have to learn a new word processor or waste time transferring text from your assistive software to full-featured commercial packages. People who have trouble typing need look no further than Aurora Suite for help.

While we still offer great word prediction, we have made many speed and ease-of-use improvements to our word prediction software and added UNICODE support for better language support. To get you started quickly, Aurora Prediction can now be taught your writing style and specialized vocabulary right from your word processor documents. Aurora includes a 625,000 word monster vocabulary and text and speech macros.

For people with speech impairments, Aurora Suite makes conversation as well as public speaking quick and easy. Aurora Suite supports Windows 2000 and XP and comes in three editions: Professional, Standard and Value so you can get the features you need at a price you can afford.


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