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$24.75 USD
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Remote and Mobile Computing Software
Pro Softnet Corporation
Operating System:
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows Server 2008 Windows 8
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Not available

RemotePC Review

" An easy way to access your computer from any internet enabled computer. "

RemotePC is a secure and simple way to remote access your computer connected to the internet from anywhere in the world. You can access files, programs and other resources from your home or office computer while on road.

From a remote computer you can see the desktop of your RemotePC enabled computer and using your remote computer's keyboard and mouse launch applications. You can do the following:
  • shutdown, reboot your PC
  • PC remote access and remote control
  • helpdesk and remote support services
  • transferring files to and from remote locations
  • telecommuting.

RemotePC can also be used to monitor and manage PCs and servers in different locations without leaving your desk at any point of time.

Basic Features:
  • Quick and secure login within seconds with no lengthy applet downloads each time you login
  • Access your remote computer using any web browser
  • Invite a guest to temporarily access your computer from a remote location
  • Works behind most firewalls and proxy servers
  • Static IP address not required for the remote computer
  • Print files from the remote computer to a printer connected to your local machine
  • Transfer files with ease between the local and remote computer - even for mapped drives
  • Secure communication and user authentication
  • Full screen mode and true colors that make you feel as though you are working on the remote computer
  • Remote access even if the remote computer is logged off or on system reboot
  • Latency reduction technologies that allow quick screen refresh and keyboard/mouse event sensing

Security Features:
  • 128 bit SSL for transmitting the user authentication data between the Remote Access Host or Remote Access Viewer and Driveway Communication Server
  • All transfer of data between Host computer and the Viewer is compressed and encrypted for enhanced performance and security

In the default configuration of most firewalls, all traffic originating on the Internet is blocked from entering the network, denying external users the ability to connect to your private network.

RemotePC has been developed to work behind most firewalls without any special port settings.

NOTE: You need to download and install the Remote Access Host (install on remote computer) and the Remote Access Viewer (install on local computer).



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