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6.06 MB
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Not available
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Remote and Mobile Computing Software
Famatech International Corp.
Operating System:
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows Vista
Additional Requirements:
Radmin Server
Not available

Radmin Deployment Package Review

" Radmin Server installation and setup utilities for local network of any size. "

Radmin Deployment Package makes Radmin Server installation and setup very fast for the entire computer network.

Sometimes the installation and/or maintenance of Radmin on many computers on a medium or large local network can be tedious. Standard Windows tools for program installation are not always effective, and commercial software solutions are often exorbitant. Responding to its users' wishes, Famatech has released a free utility: Radmin Deployment Tool.

Radmin Deployment Tool is designed to install, uninstall and upgrade Radmin Server remotely on any number of computers. Radmin Deployment Tool also accomplishes local network scanning, viewing of the computers that have Radmin Server installed, and upgrading and reinstallation if necessary.

The product includes Radmin MSI Configurator, which can create an MSI file with selectable Radmin Server settings for installations on remote computers.

Radmin Activation Server enables you to automatically activate Radmin Server on many computers with limited Internet access.

Using these programs, a system administrator can install, configure, activate and upgrade Radmin Server on every workstation on a local network of any size.


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