CZ Plotter Monitor 3.0


Software Specifications

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12.40 MB
License [?]:
$399.00 USD
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Printers Software
CZ Solution
Operating System:
Windows 2000 Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
20 days trial.

CZ Plotter Monitor Review

" Plotter manager, monitor, and tracker; Eliminates wasted paper. "

CZ Plotter Monitor 3.0 is a powerful, easy to use print management software that allows architectural and engineering company to easily track and monitor their plotter's printing activity, and recover the printing cost based on total square feet printed.

1, Easy-to-use. Allows no change on your current plotters, workstations and networks settings.
2, Easy Reports. Provides 94 reports including 54 default reports and 40 customized reports.
3, Real-time Print Tracking. Captures the detail print job information including name of the user who send the job, the document name, total square feet printed, total cost, submitted time and date, destination plotter, name of the computer from which the job was sent, color and paper width and paper length.
4, Real-time Print Auditing. Shows total number, total square feet, and total cost of print jobs in real time.
5, Easy Print Management. Allows to pause, resume, restart, cancel one or multiple print jobs on different monitored plotters at one time. and allows to cancel all print jobs on all monitored printers automatically at user-defined time.
6, Easy Print Control. Controls print jobs automatically by setting document restrictions, user restrictions and computer restrictions, and sent the pop up message to the user who sent the print job.
7, Easy Print Charging. Charges print jobs based on monochrome / color and total square feet printed.
8, Easy History Check. Shows the printed jobs and deleted jobs in a user-defined time frame.
9, Easy Access Point. Provides easy access to the Printer Folder where you can add, remove, configure local and network plotters.
10, Easy Export. Allows to export all or partial print jobs data as Excel, HTML, and Text file.
11, Easy Database. Stores print jobs data in Microsoft Access data format that you can integrate with other applications easily, and backup / renew the database automatically.


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