Print Helper: Batch and Automatic Printing Software 0.9


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$149.99 USD
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Printers Software
Best Store LLC
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Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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Not available

Print Helper: Batch and Automatic Printing Software Review

" Batch printing and automatic Excel, Img printing software for printing business. "

PrintHelper automates the printing process of any type of files. All documents that require printing can be selected and processed at once. PrintHelper is the ideal solution for organizations that regularly batch print Excel, PDF, and image files. Unique features: automatic Excel and Image resizing. No additional software required to print most of file types.

Only PrintHelper offers unique Excel, Image and Report options:
- Automatic step by step resizing system which enables the document fitted to a page, Choice of page order you would like printed.
- Like no other program, PrintHelper provides your with automatic resizing as well as rotation of images.
- Detailed report printed, with your choice, after each file, folder and a final report at the end.
- An option of using a different printer feeder with possible different color paper serving you as a fast and easy file/folder locator.


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