Printer Activity Monitor 1.2b


Software Specifications

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2.63 MB
License [?]:
$99.00 USD
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Printers Software
Red Line Software
Operating System:
Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows Server 2003
Additional Requirements:
Expires in 40 days

Printer Activity Monitor Review

" Monitoring of company printers usage. "

Printer Activity Monitor is software for monitoring the efficiency of your company printers usage. Using this product you can find out which documents have been printed on each of the selected printers, which employees use printers most actively, the number of pages printed, which computer sent the documents for printing, etc.

Printer Activity Monitor benefits:
- allows centralized supervising of all of your company printers;
- helps prevent attempts for using the office printers for an employees personal use;
- reduces your printing expenses;
- extremely easy-to-use and allows monitoring printers in a just a few minutes once its installation is complete;
- allows generating a great number of reports and diagrams reflecting the efficiency of your printers usage;
- has special means for automating the process of creating and delivering reports on printers usage to authorized personnel.


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