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$9.95 USD
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Networking Software
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Windows 2000 Windows XP
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Not available

MultiNetwork Manager Std Review

" Connect your laptop anywhere fixed or wireless, quickly and securely. "

Connect anywhere fixed or wireless, quickly and securely, using powerful multi-profiling UI and wizards. The need to connect your computer to different networks is growing as we enjoy the new possibilities of mobile working. Wireless networking is changing the way we work and live our lives. We expect to be able to connect and work from wherever we are. The benefits are obvious, but the technical complexity for the user is increasing. MultiNetwork Manager handles this complexity introducing Laptop Roaming.

Laptop Roaming means increased efficiency and reduced cost.

- Increased effectiveness for professionals who move between work sites
- Significantly reduced costs for dial-up connections
- Increased IT organization effectiveness and reduced IT support costs

MultiNetwork Manager Standard is designed to alleviate many of the technical issues encountered when roaming between different network locations. It allows users to facilitate connections to client networks, the Internet, corporate Wide Area Networks, and local resources (such as file servers and printers) at remote locations regardless of where they are working.

MultiNetwork Manager is designed to be a tool for the normal user with low PC networking skills. Auto detection, wizard guidance, a completely new user interface and a comprehensive context sensitive help has been added to achieve this.

For the advanced user/ corporate use GlobeSoft recommends the Professional version.

Features & Functionality:

- PC to PC connection wizard
- Auto Discovery feature automatically establishes network connectivity.
- Enforcing security policies
- Multi profiling.
- Complete Wlan client with WPA, radius support.
- Boot time application (BTA), allows you to select location at boot time.


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