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1524.00 MB
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$29.90 USD
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Networking Software
SimpleNet Software
Operating System:
Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
800MHz Pentium III
Not available

Rider Review

" Measure network performance measurement (bandwidth, latency, jitter, voice quality) remotely via a web browser. "

Rider measures network response time, bandwidth, and voice over IP or video streaming performance between any two computers on your network. Using Rider you can find out your network's latency or response time from end to end; see how much bandwidth is available to copy files or carry business data; see if your network is ready for voice over IP (VoIP) by measuring jitter and packet loss or monitor an existing VoIP network; find out if your service provider is delivering on promises of uptime, speed, and bandwidth. Once you understand how well your network really performs you can spot problems, observe trends, and plan for future growth, new applications, and new technologies.

What sets Rider apart is its web page user interface. To run a test, you enter the URL for one Rider test agent in your browser and view a series of easy-to-understand menus that guide the user through setting up and running a test.

The web interface means you can save and rerun tests as easily as saving a bookmark. Printing and saving results is also no problem. Rider offers much of what you want from a network monitoring solution but at a tiny fraction of the cost of big server-based solutions.

You will need to install Rider throughout your network. License minimum order is 10 CPUs.


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