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4.75 MB
License [?]:
$2999.00 USD
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Networking Software
Research Lab Inc
Operating System:
Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows CE
Additional Requirements:
Not available

Embedded LonWorks Development Kit Review

" Control power devices/equipments at Home or in the Industry from the Internet. "

Create device networked products with the world leading lonmark standards. Create in minutes a program which controls any electrical device via the internet. Simplified Projects in Energy Management, Industrial Controls and Home Security.

Why use Lonworks? Because 750+ Companies worldwide have compatible devices for the Lon. All you require to do is plug the device and use the lon maker for windows to write a control program. You may then check the device using internet or mobile phone. Like your door lock can be programmed to take your mobile- authentication.

Kit includes:
- Temprature Reading Device Control on Internet
- Light Bulb ON/OFF via Lonworks Server
- LonMaker for Windows
- iLon 1000 Server
- AIO-10 Devices [Analaog Input Output Device Interface]
- DIO-10 [Digital Input Output Device Interface]
- 6 Printed Operation Manuals from Echelon and Research Lab


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