Key Mouse Genie 4.1


Software Specifications

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1.46 MB
License [?]:
$9.95 USD
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Keyboard, Mouse, Macros and Batch Processing Software
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
30-day trial.

Key Mouse Genie Review

" Lets you control your mouse using your keyboard. "

Key Mouse Genie lets you control your mouse using your keyboard. Enables you to move the mouse, send left clicks, right clicks and double clicks.

Features Include:

* Move mouse using keyboard

* Send Left Click, Right Click, or Double Click

* Hot Key to Disable/Enable, Hit Ctrl-D to enable or disable Key Mouse Genie

* Set Mouse Speed, Mouse speed can be set with scroll bar.

* Drag and Drop Items (Hit Insert Key, Move the mouse, Hit the Home Key)

* Mouse Wrap lets you move your mouse cursor off the screen and then it appears on the other side the screen. So your mouse will wrap to the other side of the screen when you go of the side.


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